What We Do

what we do

We work with childrens orphanages and carefully assess their needs. With the orphanages help, we ensure that the correct care plans are in place so that children who are HIV positive not only receive the right medicines but also the right nutrition so that their medicines can work as effectively as possible to maintain their optimum health.


Because they are HIV positive, the children we support are marginalised in society and commonly do not the same education as their peers. We work with the orphanages and fund education, to help provide teachers, equip the schools with books and materials. We will help with whatever is required so the children have every possible start in life in the hope that they will finish their education and in some cases go on to university.


In some countries, the State deems children to be adults at the age of 16 and they have to leave the orphanages to go out into the world and fend for themselves. They can literally become homeless overnight! Just Imagine is looking at programmes to look after these 16-year-olds, providing them with accommodation, nutrition and education to help make their dreams a reality.

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