Who we are

Who We Are

Just Imagine is a charity that is solely focused on disadvantaged children, primarily orphans and those having to live with the effects of HIV.


We primarily support children’s orphanages in Goa, South India and are spreading our wings to help other orphanages where there is a real need for funding and support, and this means looking at charities in Africa and closer to home in the UK.


Just Imagine keeps very close control over what your money is spent on and we supervise exactly where your money goes, to make sure it is only the disadvantaged who benefit and that their needs are being met in the best possible away.


Just Imagine does not spend any funds raised on administration costs. We, the volunteers and trustees of the charity give our time and expertise on a voluntary basis to ensure your donations are not being diverted to cover “costs”. We want to make sure that every single penny is spent on our goals: to accommodate, feed and educate.

Thank you for your support.

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